Be ready for practice and the game, all with the same bag

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Keeping up with everything going on these days is hard work. Running from class to practice, then straight to night games is pretty tough when you’re expected to look your best. Henty has a wide range of sports bags that are best described as portable locker rooms. You need a place to stuff your sweaty stuff while making sure your uniforms are ready to go and stink-free.

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Be ready for game day.

Keep your uniforms fresh, pressed and ready to impress. Be ready with Henty so stay organized and have more time to focus on beating the other team. Whether it’s on the trail, at the field or in the gym, Henty can help you be ready to compete. We’re always up for challenge and know you are too, that’s why we have a whole line of bags ready to work for you.

Meet your new best friend.
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